Thursday, October 21, 2010


POEt I am!
Speaking on behalf of the haves that dont have half!
I am POEt

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Intense hosts...SAYS youth poetry Slam @ Cal Middle

Lavesha Wins and kills the Poetry Slam with a powerful personal piece about growing up in her family..Beautiful piece by a Brave New Voice in Sacramento...please support the movement and donate to the cause...go to and donate today for the youth of Sacramento.
Thanks and peep the video...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


(Inspired by Lupe Fiasco)

I'm so affected/
How I neglected/
Your pain and feelings/
Told a lie to withhold the truth/
Came back and pulled the tooth/


No hope just despair/
Made fun of U about ya hair/
Cheated on you with no purpose/
Now I feel so hopeless/


Time Spent on late nite conversations/
Connections linking relations/
So I pray for forgiveness/
Yet double standards inspired this/


Now I have to change my arrangement/
Or lose out on a future engagement/
No ring needed or symbol required/
White dress black tux so uninspired/
No wedding bells or rice in place/
Unconditional Love in dire need of space/
All beginnings have an End/
What French Films call FIN/
Finding Forever was our love/
But Love was conquered by distrust/
And without trust there is no L.O.V.E./

Thanks LUPE!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009




Through the deep syrupy fortifications
I feel the moist evading the cracks
The sounds of delight rang out
Louder than a cannon in WWII
UP & DOWN Side II Side
Harder Faster Harder Faster
Time elapses with great nuance
Similar to a pencil removed from an eraser
A sharp tip shaped by Sugar Walls of perfection
Angels in the sky with wings so eloquently
Flying through clouds silently in ecstasy
Irrevocably my mate of Soul asks me…
I simply replied…



The joy has ended after an emotional climax
Reality kickin in faster than the speed of light
Removal of the sheets
Death, murderers, and killers in the streets
Transitioning back into the wardrobe
Devilish deeds are heating our globe
Blood rushes back to my brain
Diseases, infections, viruses uncontained
Consciousness rude awakens my thoughts
Sadly populations spreading venomous darts
As I closed the bedroom door with sorrow
Another female affected with no hope 4 tomorrow
It’s now time to take responsibility for your actions
10 seconds worth of pleasure is now Lucifer’s satisfactions
So let this be a reminder and prefix
Women unable to give birth with cancer in their cervix
The human race now extinct
Abbadon, Angra Mainyu, Beelzebub, Satan has finally won


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AT LAST! 44th President Barack Obama

Today History was made...the 1st African American President(also Mixed president) of the United States of America...I went to work and was able to celebrate my 25th birthday with a multicultural staff at the Firehouse Community Center in Del Paso Heights. There was people of all ages and cultures coming together to watch a moment in history, vry awesome experience. It was a day I will never forget and I cant wait to tell my children years to come. Hope Must conquer fear! WE THE PEOPLE! For it is the people that truly run the government.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

HATE '08 and Everythangs Gonna Be Fine in '09

Its finally time to say bye to 2008 and boy am I happy. Its def gonna be one to remember but its was a sad and depressed one for me and alot of folks...I have never struggled so hard in my life...I cant wait for the hope and change in 2009. Heres something to get us bye..some marvin gaye

Thursday, December 4, 2008

MILE DAVIS: KIND OF BLUE 50th Anniversary

MILES is Back! yes its the 50th anniversary of the greatest recorded LP ever KIND OF BLUE...I have this record on vinly and it is one of the best records I own and have ever listened to! I love music and Jazz but this record has been sampled and used by many other musicians...I remember Erykah Badu sampling and using "Badu" as the vocal....really nice touch...Please support the late great if you do not have this record I highly recommend it..
The Album Cover below:

Track Listing:
01 - So What 09:25
02 - Freddie Freeloader 09:49
03 - Blue In Green 05:38
04 - All Blues 11:36
05 - Flamenco Sketches 09:26
06 - Flamenco Sketches (Alternate Take) 09:34
07 - Freddie Freeloader (Studio Sequence 1) 00:53
08 - Freddie Freeloader (False Start) 01:28
09 - Freddie Freeloader (Studio Sequence 2) (Previously Unreleased) 01:31
10 - So What (Studio Sequence 1) (Previously Unreleased) 01:56
11 - So What (Studio Sequence 2) (Previously Unreleased) 00:14
12 - Blue In Green (Studio Sequence) (Previously Unreleased) 01:59
13 - Flamenco Sketches (Studio Sequence 1) (Previously Unreleased) 00:45
14 - Flamenco Sketches (Studio Sequence 2) (Previously Unreleased) 01:13
15 - All Blues (Studio Sequence) (Previously Unreleased) 00:19
01 - On The Green Dolphin Street 09:50
02 - Fran-Dance 05:50
03 - Stella By Starlight 04:47
04 - Love For Sale 11:49
05 - Fran-Dance (Alternate Take) 05:54
06 - So What (Previously Unreleased) 17:29

Friday, November 7, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008


CHARACTERS from the upcoming film series by 3 Headed Monster...PUBLIC LAUNDRY

Public Laundry Movin' On Sneak

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zeitgeist II: Addendum

You must watch this new film, especially if you seen the first one. Please pass the wire and spread...but also do your own research and study for not believe everything until you investigate for yourself...Link Below

Saturday, October 4, 2008

MY FAVORITE NEW MUSIC VIDEO Fonzworth Bentley "Everybody"

One of my favorite music videos out right now....hella funny...Kanye looks kind of funny doing the cherograhpy dance moves, a little stiff but classic video...similar to Andre 3000 "Hey Ya" video concept...what do you think???? Please leave comments.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recap: GREEN IT UP! After Party Vid

Thanks for all that came out and supported our event Saturday Sept was a great success...I had a great time hosting the event. We registered people to vote and also demanded for green jobs. WE ARE READY FOR GREEN JOBS!....please continue to fight for the environment and for sustainability in this country...its a hard faught battle but can be won by the PEOPLE!

Here is a recap video from that night,

Thanks again


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Voices Matter presents...GREEN IT UP! After Party Sept 27th

Please come out and join OVM's own INTENSE and Ellen as they host the official After Party for Green It Up! a month long of events to educate and take action for green jobs. There will be free food and prizes as well as Spoken Word, Poetry, Hip Hop, and dance music to 8pm-12am. Dont miss out and spread the word.

Green it Up After Party
Sept. 27
Balazo Gallery
2183 Mission St.

San Francisco, CA

Monday, September 8, 2008

Omeid International Presents...A Reason For Hope Sept 19th

Intense wants to remind you all to please attend the event sponsored and brought to you by OMEID International...A Reason For Hope. All donations will be going to fund the children in Afghanistan to build the Amin Orphanage. Please spread the word and tell others to attend. In addition, for those who are fans of Immortal Technique, he is collaborating with this org as well to help for the Amin Orphanage and has his full support. Please visit the website @ for more info. I will personally see you there!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mo' Better Blues

The Mo' Better makes it Mo Better...
One of my favorite movies of all time...MO BETTER BLUES
To all my Jazz heads:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

INTENSE pick for BEST PICTURE: Oscar Worthy Film

The New Spike Lee Film based on a true story? Actually the book by Ulysees Lee tells the true story titled "The Employment of Negro Troops" by the African-American historian. The film looks good but may be fiction more than fact.

WOMB of MAN: naM edaM

WOMB of MAN: naM edaM

Womb of Man! Womb of Man? Wooommmmmmbbbbman! Wo-MAN?

Socially-Constructed me

Stronger than any Hu-Man

Tough and bulky like He-Man

But Im Man Made

Taught to be physical with my hands

But closed minded with thy thoughts

World handed to thee with a silver spoon

Even Wombman are apart of me

Their name continues the illusion

Man gives birth!

Nah! Man just the seed

Women are the creators

We just succeed

But men hide behind this phasod

Trying to play God

Scared to show emotions or tearz

Hiding behind their fearz

Being labeled weaker than a woman

Half of a man or just a boy

Where's the fucking joy

Feasibly Frightened For Female Traits

Playin our cardz right: completing the Straights

Flush, It All goes down the toilet

With the rest of the shit! and lies

Men do things they despise

Just 2 fit in

My struggles being a man concealed within

Like a Ford Built tough or Chevy like a rock; rigid & ruff

But man never has an option to say enuff

Pressured to deal with the smoke; blow every puff

Pass puff puff pass puff puff

Passed down from generation 2 generation

Lies untold creating tradition

Oh! and did I mention

Man Made creation

False Position

Twistedly Turned To Tarnish Transition

Invisible Man like Ralph Ellison's great invention

Not to be seen nor heard through any hype

Listened from a stereo-type

That has man trapped in a cage

Full of Rage Against The Machine

Even Zack de la Rocha can't escape this Regime

But the time for change is now

Man and woman must adhere to this now

Women need Re-Definition under their own terms

Take control by killing the bacteria and all germs

Patriarchal society created by men in robes

Who wanted nothing more than to keep you controlled probes

Information cannot be gathered with this device

But all men must pay a price

Is it you? Or me?

Never me u see

Cuz I break down barriers

Like East & West Germans did the Berlin wall

Change Gone Come to All

Greater than a Cooke name Sam

Okonkwo wanted a man's crop the sweet candy Yam

Things Fall Apart but it’s up 2 you to play your part

So what’s it gonna be the red pill or the blue pill

Cuz im sick and tired of this matricks

Silly Rabbit in my world gets the Tricks

While kids finally learn to be Mixed

Born Black and Mexican full of pride

Best of both worlds is how I reside

Never truly accepted by either one

Lacking melanin in my white slave master skin

Unable to speak the Spanish language

So I create my own term BLAXICAN

Infusing both cultures at my own will and choosing

One day I wakeup Black the next Mexican

Unfortunately it doesn’t work out that way

Creating Confusing Conflicting Consciousness

Societal Spinning a web of lies

Even a Spider gets trapped & hypnotized

Open up your minds let your mind be retaught

Get free before its too late and theres no battle to be faught

Wake Up out of the Womb

Your Song, its needs its own tune

New Sneaker Trailer for Public Laundy Film Series

Check out this video: Public Laundry Pretty Green Sneaker Trailer

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

XXCLUSIVE Music Review: "Put On Remix" Jeezy & Jay Z

Here is an exclusive INTENSE PRODUCTIONZ remix music review...Remember I brought you the original a couple of months ago before it was even on the radio and leaked it here well here is another INTENSE exclusive...what do you think of this one without Kanye but Jay on there???? its ok..Jay Z sounds mad goes OFF!!!

Reply with a response....listen to the remixxxxxxx babyyyyyyy LOL

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Closed Shoe Boxes


Open Shoe Boxes stacked so high in my closet
They reach the ceiling with no room for deposit
my New Kicks is furious
Tired of hearing about old memories
Of football games, basketball games, and time running to the sun
new Kicks want it just to be us (have our own fun)
No more reflections of Nike, Adidas, and Jordan's being mentioned
Especially when its just her on my own feet
this is our time, Center Court
Standing ovation at every sport
So I throw in the towel and let my old shoes go
out with the old and in with the New Kicks
Gave up all my number 1 draft picks
Just so we could be together
and yet I still failed to mention
Justifaible Proposition: She feels right on my feet
I can jump higher, run faster, and create balance like a Zen master
without any worries or diaster
Shoes Soles, Soothe Souls
Relxaing everday pressures off my heels
my Arch be golden like McDonalds meals; I'm Loving it
Is this really a Perfect fit?
But its hard to close those shoe boxes of the past
im not trying to wear the same pair errrrrrrdayyyy
Got to diversify and play the game so huuuurrrraayyyy
But why so much confusing in choosing the right shoes
cuz I swear I've paid my dues
But I love my Jordan Xs, Adidas Shell Toes, and Fila shoes
Shoooooootttt I got a different pair 4 errrryday of the year
365 pairs to be exact; I fucking swear!!!!
But my heart cant take it no more...nor my feet
In and out of shoe boxes so much
that they're worn down from the screet
Open shoe boxes forever closed
My New Kicks is where its at
match all my clothes with every hat
Ready for all situations changing colors for all dimensions
Shit they even Light up at night when I walk in L.A.
gears, Gliding Gracefully so effortlessly
Cleaned out my closet only 1 pair now in my Foot Locker
And I like her!
closed the Shoe Boxes of the past
And put on my NEW KICKS religously as if we're at mass
Finally A Perfect Fit!